Saturday, December 29, 2012

Time with Family in Nuwera Eliya

We’ve had a lovely Christmas in Sri Lanka.  The time is spent having lunches and dinners at my mum’s as well as my cousins houses next door.   We have also been to our church carol service and I’ve had a chance to reconnect with friends in the Youth Fellowship I attended as a teenager.

We leave at 6 in the morning for our holiday in the hills.  There are 16 of us and we pile into 4 cars.  2012 12 27_30 Nuwera Eliya1

Each car has their share of breakfast sandwiches and rolls but we have also planned a few rest stop along the way.  My cousin Ramani has arranged for us to stay at a bungalow in Nuwera Eliya which is our destination.  The Hill Country is my favourite part of Sri Lanka.  The hills carpeted with tea plantations in various shades of green, JPEGS2

waterfalls that tumble down steep hills sides, the cool climate and fresh mountain air is invigorating and conducive to long walks and time spent curled up with a good book.  Hence this part of the world is a favourite destination with both locals and foreign visitors alike.

On the way we stop at Labukelle where Lalith, my cousin Nimali’s husband has arranged a visit to the Macwoods tea factory.  Many in the group have not visited a tea factory previously and it was interesting to see the complex process the leaves go through before they are bagged and ready for sale.

We arrive at our bungalow for a late lunch.  It is is nice spacious house with plenty of bed rooms, a game room, and rooms to read in or watch movies in.  We tuck in to lunch and settle in for an evening of catching up and lazing around.  Someone puts a DVD in…and we settle in for an evening of entertainment at home.   

After a late breakfast the next morning we visit the lake for a boat ride and lunch.  It is lovely sunny day but the air is still cool and fresh.  In the distance a light mist envelopes the mountain peaks. 


After lunch at the Governor’s Lodge we head back home.  We spend the evening watching slides from my travels and in discussions of issues that arise from that.

We spend the next day visiting a local strawberry farm.  It is on the road to Horton Plains and the scenery changes from tea plantations to more rugged countryside.  The mist envelopes the area and lends an eeriness to the drive.  We arrive at the farm and order hot coffees to ward off the chill.JPEGS4

The last part of the drive is down a rugged 4 wheel drive track.  We transfer to the back of a tractor and cling on as he takes off down the steep incline.  Somehow my mum has climbed into the tractor as well….and is enjoying this bit of adventure.  JPEGS6

We have a fun morning and head back to the Hill Club for lunch.  We had always 2012 12 29 Nuwera Eliya (55 of 126)holidayed here as kids and it was fun to show Steve around.  Today is Anil’s birthday and he is also taking us out for dinner.  We have eaten so much on this  Sri Lankan holiday but the food is delicious and hard to resist.  I guess there will be time for diets in the New Year!

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