Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Doru’s Wedding

It is a beautiful spring morning and we have all taken a day off work to attend our colleague's wedding.  Doru has waited a long time to find the woman he will spend his life with.  The happiness is very evident on both his and Lani’s face.  Over lunch Doru shares his story….

2012 11 05 Doru's Wedding

Lani is from the Philippines and Doru was introduced to her by a mutual friend in Australia.  Over phone calls and emails they got to know each other and eventually Doru made a trip the Philippines' to meet Lani.  The internet and access to many modes of communication has now transformed the way we meet our future partners.  Doru came back engaged and today we are all here to celebrate a very special occasion.  

For years Doru looked after his aging parents.  They are both no longer with us but he is surrounded by friends and extended family who all sincerely wish him well.  As we toast the couple, Lani’s parents come on skype to share in this joyous occasion.  Doru – we all wish you much happiness….

Doru's wedding1Doru's wedding3

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