Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kaudulla National Park

Kaudulla National Park located in the heart of the dry zone elephant country is one of the 2012 12 15 Kaudulla (1 of 30)best places for viewing elephants throughout the year.  It is quite unique in that almost two thirds of its area is under water for parts of the year. 

Located in the Polonnaruwa District it is an idyllic setting for many species but we were mainly here for the elephants.   A long road leads through dense forest to beautiful grasslands adjacent to the Kaudulla Tank.  On the way, our first siting is of a peacock atop a tree.  I had never seen peacocks on trees previously or seen them that was a first for all of us. 

The elephants didn’t disappoint either.  It was mating season and the males were quite frisky.  We were treated to 2012 12 15 Kaudulla (3 of 30)quite a display….and we watched, fascinated by their antics.   I don’t think I have seen this many elephants in one place even in Africa.  The elephant gathering could include up to 300 elephants….but due to the wet season they were a little more dispersed today.  It was still a breathtaking site…and one that would be worth coming back for.

2012 12 15 Kaudulla (14 of 30)

After watching the first herd for quite awhile, we found two more herds a little further away.  It was too boggy to get close but we came across a lone elephant that treated us to a wonderful display at a water hole.  The park was also full of beautiful birds..from bee eaters to painted stork.  All in all…a wonderful afternoon on safari in Sri Lanka and certainly a highlight that would be hard to beat. 

2012 12 15 Kaudulla (22 of 30)

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