Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chilling out in Trincomalee

We spend two days in Trinco, relaxing in our ocean view room, going for long walks on the beach and splurging at the buffet…laden once more with yummy food including a wide variety of deserts.

We decide to do  bit of sightseeing on Day 2 so after a late breakfast set off for the Koneswaran Temple, a Hindu temple of great significance in these parts.  Trinco JPEGS4

The rituals here are slightly different to what we had seen in the ancient capitals but the religious fervour the same.  More devotees give donations to the temple and smashing coconuts in the hope of having their requests will be met.

It is more than 30 years since I was last here.  We had come here during a school trip and I remembered visiting the hot springs.  We hadn’t brought our bathers with us back then but the temptation to bathe in these hot wells had been too much for us teenagers.  We decided to bathe fully clothed and went back in our bus completely dripping wet.

The place seemed different to what I remembered.  It was slightly more commercialised but still appeared to be a favourite local hangout.  We didn’t bathe this time but chatted to the men washing there and took lots of photos…

Trinco JPEGS6

We had a quiet night, packed and got ready for drive back to Colombo.  It had been a lovely trip and Steve thoroughly enjoyed his first introduction to the sub-continent.

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