Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Glamping in the North Shore…

We have tried to organise a camping weekend all year and sadly been thwarted by the rain.  We were beginning to feel that Helen – who had mostly volunteered to organise the outing – was somehow loved by the rain gods.   So this time Em takes the lead…only to have the heat gods rule otherwise.  We have settled for spending the day at Em’s house…lounging in the pool rather than camping in the heat.  It is a chance for us to catch up with our neighbourhood dispersed in the wider North Shore area…as one by one the families move out to accommodate their growing needs.












It has been awhile since I had a weekend of doing completely nothing but relax, swim and eat.  We’ve all brought food to share…and spend a great day sharing and catching up on news..before the Christmas rush begins.



2012 12 01 Emma's House

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