Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jesus Christ Superstar

Steve and I are both fond of the theatre and supporting local productions is something we are especially committed to.  When my friend Jim invites us to Jesus Christ Superstar, a production he is performing in, we can’t turn him down.  photo

It is an interesting interpretation of the life of Christ…more a political commentary rather than a religious statement.

There is much emphasis on the relationship between Judas and Christ and highlights the struggle of Judas in a way that is not discussed in the Bible. 

To Judas,  Jesus is just his friend and he is concerned that the hero status he is being afforded will be a threat to the Roman Empire. 

Further highlighting the humanity of Jesus, the play also depicts a very different relationship with Mary Magdalene, which leaves us wondering how much of our understanding might be coloured by the interpretation we heard as children…

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