Monday, September 10, 2012

Street Photography in Cabramatta

Many Sydneysiders have never made a trip to Cabramatta.  The negative press the suburb has been subject to in the past means that many people from the city never make it this far west.  It is a shame because Cabramatta is a wonderful mix of exotic food, diverse culture and exciting festivals that most Aussies get on a plane to go in search of. 

With over 130 different nationalities Cabramatta is one of the most diverse suburbs in Sydney and a wonderful slice of South East Asia found just a train ride away from the City Centre.  The suburb is dominated by Chinese-Vietnamese migrants but it isn’t uncommon to see people from as far afield as Sudan either.

When my photography class decided on Cabramatta as our excursion destination I was excited.  Our first visit would be a scouting visit…after which our instructor would give each of us a project to work on, having observed the language of our photographs.

My photographs clearly convey I am interested in portraiture.  My instructor has asked that I also pay particular attention to people’s hand gestures.  They convey an interaction…an exchange that gives another layer of information to the story that is Cabramatta.  I can’t wait to go back…

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