Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mind, Body and Spirit

We had never been to the Mind Body and Spirit festival before so when we heard it was on in Sydney we decided to spend a day there.  The festival is held at the Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour and it was throbbing with a certain excitement when we arrived at midday.

Once again it was lunch time…and I needed to find food before we got down to business.  There were ideas and products for your health, physical and mental wellbeing.
You could try anything from yoga to Reiki, find the latest herbal supplements, have a psychic reading, receive a massage or foot detox or simply just wander and let your curiosity wander.  There were over With 200 exciting exhibitors crammed in and I think it was perhaps a little too much energy all swirling around under the roof of the Exhibition Centre. 

We tried a few things but the experience that blew us away was our first experience of having our faces read.  They say a picture paints a thousands words but until now I hadn’t realised just how much of a open book my face was. 

Face reading is all about reading the features of the face, not in isolation but in clusters, creating an an overall understanding of how a person communicates.  It is an age old custom and we learnt that each feature on our faces i.e. the eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth and ears reveals something about us.  The overall shape of our faces, forehead, jaw and chin also influence the total story and once you have learned to identify and know what you are looking for, it all becomes a  piece of cake!

I was the first to have a go.  Steve was sitting on the floor beside me and was so amazed at the accuracy of the reading that he decided to have a go himself.  I don’t remember everything she said but Marie took one look at me and said you are a girl who is extremely goal oriented.  She explained that I often had lots of goals in my life and that I was quite focussed on achieving them often juggling a number of things at the same time.  She went on to add that once I had achieved the goals on my current list, I was off chasing a new set of goals hardly stopping to evaluate what I had already achieved. Marie explained that the people around me would often be quite exhausted observing my life which made us  both burst out laughing as Steve would often ask me if I would just slow down…Smile

It was then Steve’s turn.  Marie looked at him and said if Nil’s goal are big yours are huge..!!  She explained a number of things which in turn made us think about Steve’s dream to build eco-villages around the world and soon our face reading session turned into a discussion about our life much so that she didn’t realise she had a long line of customers waiting for their turn.  We left having got her details and promising ourselves we would explore this further..

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