Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cumberland State Nursery

We are in the process of turning our home in Hornsby in to a completely sustainable house….or at least as sustainable as we can afford given the expense of retrofitting a place built more than 35 years ago.  We have installed some solar panels for hot water but today we are at the Cumberland State Nursery in search of some native grasses to stabilise a bit of unstable hillside on the bottom of our property.


Our friends, Helen and James have come along to help us with their advice on what native grasses will do well given the climate of the area we live in.  James is a perma culture specialist and Helen an environmental educator so their advice is valued greatly!  The Lomandras we choose will grow in to lovely clumps with little blooms that will add a bit of colour occasionally.  But mostly, the purpose of this exercise is to slow down the erosion of the steep slope at the bottom of our block.


After we choose our plants, we indulge in hot chocolates and raspberry bread before working off the calories in the adjacent bush land.  A great day which we ended by coming home and planting our new grasses.

Cumberland State Forest

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