Friday, May 30, 2014

Circular Economies, Photography and Water

We have come to Bondi to meet with Candice Quartermain.   Steve met her husband at a Planning Conference in the City and learnt of her passion to promote the ideas of a Circular Economy.  The Circular Economy website explain that our current model of dig, process, use, and chuck is by definition

unsustainable.  Candice has a commitment to promote and inspire this change.  As explained on the website:
“A Circular Economy is an alternative model that anticipates and designs for biological and technical 'nutrients' to be continuously re-used at the same quality, dramatically reducing our dependency on sourcing new materials.”

Read all about it:

We catch up over lunch at the Queen Victoria Building and Candice is excited to see me as she has gleaned from our website that I am a photographer.  I am equally excited to learn about our shared passion and before long our conversation moves from circular economies to collaboration in photography.
 As I share thoughts about my technical interest in water and my desire to document some of the environmental issues associated with this precious resource, Candice suggests we collaborate on this idea.  I have always wanted to combine my creative passion for photography with my professional passion for water so I feel excited by this idea.  We’ve started sharing ideas and soon we will firm up a plan to begin shooting.
It is also exciting to hear how Candice is slowly turning her passion for photography into a source of income.  Her website Canter Creative showcases her down to earth photography practice.  Check it out if you are interested in engaging her for a family portrait shoot or for your wedding photography.

I love the spontaneity she captures in her photography.  It is so different to the posed photography you usually see at weddings that convey little of the joy experienced on these occasions.  Her website explains that she founded Canter Creative because she wanted to move away from creating for consumption and toward creating for contribution.  It is obvious from her photography that she is achieving her passion for visual story telling through photography.  I am excited to be collaborating with another person who shares my passion for documenting stories through the medium of photography and I am looking forward to this collaboration. 

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