Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Leisurely Day in Tumut

We wake up early in Tumut.  We are staying 3 nights here and will spend our first full day exploring the surrounding countryside.  We have decided to drive the snowy mountains highway to Talbingo.  

Once again it is a beautiful drive and we take our time stopping to have a look at one of the Snowy Mountains dams and pulling in to a camp site for a walk and a picnic lunch. 
It was while we were walking down to the water that we spotted the emu and the kangaroos grazing on the wide open plains.  I had a great day testing out my new telephoto before we finally walked back to the picnic tables for lunch. 

We had a really enjoyable day.  We drove down to Talbingo and had a look around the town.  It was quite deserted but it was quite picturesque with the vibrant colours of autumn.  On the way back we checked out a few of the campsites and vowed to come back for a more leisurely visit.

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