Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Buildings & Monuments

I’ve signed up for the Sydney Morning Herald Clique Photographer’s challenge.   Members of Clique receive a monthly photographic assignment from Fairfax Media photo editors, designed around different topics.  The winning photos will be published by the SMH on the last Friday of every month in print and online.  Even if your photograph does not make the list of finalists, you can still get feedback form the photo editors.  It’s a great opportunity but I am struggling with deciding which photography to enter for the March challenge – Building and Monuments! 

The challenged of course is to photograph the building or monument in a way that reflects its personality.  The judges want to see the character of the building but often photographing the obvious landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House is best avoided since so many amazing photographs have already been taken of such places   

In the end I choose a photograph taken when storm clouds seemed to envelop this western Sydney suburb that I happened to be passing through.  We pulled off the main road to be storm chasers for a few hours.  I love the way the couple is busy cleaning their driveway seemingly oblivious to the approaching storm. 

I don’t win the challenge or even make the list of finalists but I am pleased with the comments I received. 

A strong image with good use of colour, composition and lines.

Incorporating a human element in a small way may have helped make your photo be even stronger. Loved to have seen a kid on a bike for example, closer to the camera and in the middle of the road to give this image an added dimension. Very nice though.

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