Thursday, June 19, 2014

Embrace the Untamed: Published by National Geographic Your Shot

Today I heard that my photo of the Adelie Penguins (mother and chick) was selected for publication for the National Geographic Assignment on Your Shot.  The assignment titled ‘Embrace the Untamed’ asked for the wildest animal and nature photos we had.  It was looking for nature at its least domesticated – nature displaying its untamed majesty. 

I can hardly believe the email announcing that mine is one of the 32 images selected out of 18,000!  I am ecstatic.  The curator Evelyn Hockstein says “its been a wild and exciting journey—editing the 18,000 images of fantastic photographs of this diverse planet, from the tiniest insects to great mammals to our oceans, weather, and majestic landscapes all across the globe”.

It is exciting to get an email from National Geographic informing me that my photo is trending on National Geographic.  At last count I had more than 225 Likes!  I am not sure where it will end up as the likes are still coming.

Probably my most exciting photographic moment yet.

Read the full story here:

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