Sunday, November 4, 2012

Portraits from Chatswood

I am in Chatswood to spend the morning taking portraits of perfect strangers for my last photography class at Paddington.   I am hopeful that my new found skills in street photography will hold me in good stead.  Taking photographs from a distance is one option but I love the aspect of engaging with the people around me and getting a taste of their lives and their stories.  It is a little more daunting in a city where everyone appears to be busy or in a rush to be somewhere else…..and yet amongst the business I found a few willing subjects…

Today is market day – or perhaps this is the norm.  The open square is full of people from many different nationalities hawking their wares…mostly a variety of different food.  Some of the vendors are happy to chat and have their photo taken but still reluctant to engage.  They go about their business, making pastries, roasting coffee and refuse to actually look at me as I try and capture a part of their spirit. 

2012 10 05 Portraits Chatswood











I am pleased with the results of a few hours of work….and realise that while this might still be my favourite genre, portraits in Australia will never quite be the same as those I have taken on the road……..especially in Africa. 

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