Monday, October 1, 2012

Cabramatta Revisited

It is our second excursion to Cabramatta.  We are here as part of my Camera Craft 3 class and expected to improve on the photographs taken during our scouting mission a couple of weeks ago.  I have decided to take a shot at Environmental Portraiture. 

Environmental Portraiture captures a subject in his/her environment and the environment conveys a story about the person being photographed.  This is an ideal medium to convey lots of information with one picture.  I usually prefer close up portraiture…so this will once again be a little outside my comfort zone.

One of the most valuable lessons I have learnt in Camera Craft 3 is editing.  In the digital world we have takes hundreds of photographs in a couple of hours…so distilling the chaff from the grain is a time consuming process that is difficult especially when it is your own work.  However, it is vital to be able to do this well…so you don’t bore your audience or spoil the impact of your work with mediocre photographs. Seeing patterns emerge in the collection is also an art that Steven my teacher has opened my eyes too.

I had picked out three themes in my collection but it was from the third assortment of photographs that Steven picked out the fact I had unknowingly photographed many people who seemed to be isolated….alone amidst the busyness of Cabramatta.  Street photography is quite challenging for me as I find it hard to find order in chaos.  Somehow…I had picked up a theme…

Perhaps some of my own favourites are what I call my Men at Work series.  They span the full range of ages from very young toddlers to that of grown men…and showcase the men of Cabramatta in various stages of their lives!

You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself. Nelson Mandela

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