Sunday, November 4, 2012

Brian Skerry – National Geographic Photographer

I was excited to learn that 3 National Geographic photographers are coming to Sydney.  It is the last day of my Camera Craft 3 course and the first of 3 talks by the Photographers.  We have bought tickets to all 3 sessions.  In fact I’ve got them as a present to Steve for his birthday. 

Brian Skerry is an underwater photographer and he uses his skill to not only create beautiful images but also to raise awareness about the many environmental issues plaguing the oceans today. 

His images are amazing and you can check out his website if you wish:


He would typically spending eight months of the year in the field, often facing extreme conditions to capture his subjects. He has lived on the bottom of the sea, spent months aboard fishing boats and dived beneath the Arctic ice to get his shot. He has spent over 10,000 hours underwater.  The images are incredible and we leave inspired by his life and work…

One person with passion is better than 40 people merely interested. “ E. M Forster

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