Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pete Murray in Hornsby

I always loved Pete Murray’s music ever since I was first heard it over the airwaves of Triple M on my long drives to work.  Pete is a man who wanted to create something different - music that would last a lifetime!  Without a doubt his music could be picked up many decades in the future and still be enjoyed because it hasn’t been stamped by the fashion of the day.  I am always drawn to  music and people who have the courage to be different and in an age where much of the music seems to be about noise (that duff duff stuff) I find it refreshing to listen to the plaintive sounds of a man singing to the strains from his guitar.  If you have never heard his music listen to the video I have embedded. 

Pete’s concert was held at the Hornsby RSL.  It was not the most atmospheric venue but very convenient for us.  He started the concert by introducing songs from his new album  Sky Blue Sky. The  tour was titled the The Free Tour named after one of the songs on this album which talks about breaking loose.   While it is a ‘break-up’ album, written after splitting with his wife, it is an album of hope and new beginnings.  While I am still not familiar with the new songs and can’t say I really enjoy the new approach that minimises the use of acoustic instruments and seems to have a different rhythm time may prove different.  Fortunately, he very quickly moved on to sing the old familiar favourites and we had a truly enjoyable evening.

It is amazing to think that Pete while being so gifted in music started out on a completely different career path.   He was a gifted sportsman with great ability in rugby, athletics and swimming but it was a sporting injury that led him to step off the rugby field and take up playing the guitar while recuperating.  While he thought he would take up a career in sport medicine he eventually discovered his talents in music and has obviously found his destiny!  His success both in Australia and overseas is an inspiration to me and I hope he continues to provide us music with meaning!  Good luck Pete…

A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.  ~Jean de La Fontaine

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