Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mt Wellington & Hobart

We can’t stray too far on Tuesday as Steve has to register for his conference.  We haven’t spent much time in Hobart so we decide to browse the Salamanca Markets and try some of the local fish and chips.  I’ve read great things about Fish Frenzy so we decide to eat there.  It is another glorious day in Hobart so we sit outside at the docks and watch the action on the water.  The flat fish is wonderful and fresh but the pieces are tiny! 2011 10 25 Mt WellingtonWe’ve arranged to visit friends for dinner so we spent the rest of the afternoon driving up Mt Wellington.  It is a 22km winding drive up the mountain and it was interesting to see the change in vegetation from dense forest to more windswept and sparse vegetation as we neared the top.  The mountain is often covered in snow and even this late in the year there were pockets of the white stuff lying around although much of it was running off down the road we just came up.  The temperature was a lot colder up here and the wind a bit breezy so I put on another layer to keep warm!  Mt Wellington-3

We spend some time at the top exploring before we head back down to Hobart for dinner.  We have a great time with Steve & Shevaun, friends of Steve’s cousin Maria and her husband Shannon who we met when they visited Sydney a few months ago.  They have four kids and live in a lovely location, overlooking the water in a central part of Hobart.  They run a chicken farm along with looking after their four kids and it was fun spending an evening with them and hearing their stories of a very different life.  All too soon it is time to say goodbye and we drive back to surfside – another great day in a beautiful city! 

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