Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thirst – CrowdTV Documentary

I originally did a blog post about CrowdTV and my idea about Water & Culture:The Lifeblood of Our Planet that was voted to be the one made into a movie in the process of making the world’s first on-line documentary about Water in Western Sydney.  I am excited to be at the Bankstown Arts Centre with Steven for the red carpet premiere for the screening of Thirst

invitation crowd TV 

It is a collaboration between Kylee Ingram Australian Documentaries, and researches from the Institute of Sustainable Futures (UTS) and funded by WSROC.

It isn’t often that individuals get the chance to be part of making a documentary and it is a wonderful example of community collaboration where the visions of many have come together to produce a beautiful documentary about something that we all value and need – water. 

I am interviewed by UTS for their magazine and article titled Lifeblood, makes the front page!

Click on this link for the article:

It feels exciting to be part of this creative process and I learn I have been given an Assistant Producer credit for the movie.  Check out a few photos and watch the video!




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