Sunday, August 28, 2011


A few days after the launch we feel a load lift off our shoulders but my list of things to do never seems to dry up.  I am due for knee surgery just a few days after the launch.  It has been postponed for too long and the recuperation period will also enable me to catch up with a few projects.

Self Publishing 

A few friends have asked me to convert my catalogue to a coffee table book, so I started doing a bit of research about publishing.  I have found stacks of info out there and if you are looking for a traditional publisher then, this might be a good place to start..

However, if you are looking to do things online one of my favourite sites is Lulu.  Check it out..

This site will allow you to upload and create everything from photobooks to ebooks, then publish and sell on their site.  You set your own price and Lulu will print and ship your book according to demand, eliminating the need for a big outlay initially and the usual overheads!  The site is ranked #1 for self publishing sites.  You get an ISBN and the chance to sell your product in 4 continents. 


I was however, looking to create an eBook initially.  One that I could share both on my website as well as other places such as Facebook. 

As mentioned on the website, eBooks are electronic, downloadable books that can be easily accessed on a wide range of eReader devices and platforms, like the iPad®, iPhone®, and your home computer.  This gives you access to millions of customers who are constantly purchasing and reading eBooks everyday.  It is a remarkably easy way to share your ideas, creativity and information with people all over the world in a very simple way.  After researching for almost a day, I found this website called Issuu.  Once you have written your book, you create a pdf of it which you then upload to Issuee.   The website then compiles an eBook...which you can share with friends and family around the world.  People can also view, comment and share your material on other sites.  Check it out…

My catalogue can be found at this link or at the bottom of this blog..

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” — Henry Ward Beecher

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