Monday, July 11, 2011

The New Dream

Hello readers! Thank you for being here at the start of my new creative journey.  I can only assume that some of you followed my blog Journeys of a Travel Bug, where I documented my journey in 2010.  It was a year when I stepped off the treadmill of routine to take a sabbatical from work & my life in Sydney so I could travel and volunteer around the world.   That was an amazing journey and saw me accomplish my life long goal of spending time on every continent including Antarctica. 

It is therefore time to start a new journey and have a new dream to work towards.  My creative journey will attempt to explore the writer and photographer in me and pursue these passions both by exploring my creativity and also by taking classes to improve my technical knowledge in these fields.  I hope to meet fellow artist, writers and photographers who will inspire and help me along the way, just as many of the friends I made on my travels inspired me and continue to be part of my life today.

This new dream will take me down a road which is quite unfamiliar and daunting for me. For years, most of my friends and family have only been exposed to the logical, organized engineer in me and perhaps for them the fact I might even call myself an artist might seem a little strange. My year away was all about living outside my comfort zone and stepping out of the box and giving the right side of my brain a bit of a workout! I intend to keep doing that in the future and inspire others to do likewise. 

Taking a sabbatical in 2010 was an amazing opportunity to pursue the triads of my life – travel, writing and photography. Sometimes when life goes smoothly, we rarely stop to evaluate the past or reflect on the future. Losing my dad in 2009 was just one of the events that led me to think about my own mortality for the first time in my life & wonder, what was it I wanted to look back on, when I reached the end of my own journey.

My time away was as much an external journey as it was an internal one.  Without a doubt what stood out for me were the connections I made with people from all walks of life. I learnt that no matter what part of the world you live in and what your social standing might be, everyone has hopes and dreams for their future. I am very fortunate to live in Sydney, where if I had the courage to make a leap of faith, I have the means to make my dreams a reality.

As I  travelled, I became aware of how happy I felt when I was either writing or taking photographs. I vowed that when I came back, I would have a small exhibition to share my experiences and photos with my friends and family in Sydney.  I planned to make a number of coffee table books to showcase many of the photos that would never make an exhibition after which I would write my first book.  It may be ambitious but I hope this book will one day be made into a movie!  I have always believed in stating your dreams and putting it out there. Well, I have just done that…. 

These are the goals of my new creative dream but of course I will continue to add to it.  I intend that this creative journey will eventually take me and my partner around the world as we start a new life together, living simply and documenting the lives of our global family, all of who have a story to tell. 

“I dream my painting and then I paint my dream” Vincent Van Gogh

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