Friday, July 3, 2015

Our Lives in Transition

We are on the cusp of a significant change in our lives.

From 12 July 2015 we will be moving into our campervan and becoming a mobile consultancy. This means we will be able to offer our services to people, communities, government authorities, political parties and businesses anywhere in Australia.

In addition to our traditional work in flood risk management and town planning we are also offering workshops and presentations.  Have a look at our workshops page for information on some of the topics we offer.  We are setup to work remotely and look forward to continuing the partnerships already established and forging new ones.  

On our home page we provide a list of our upcoming events. Just a couple of weeks ago we did a presentation on business models for community funded solar energy projects for the Parramatta community. This was through Julie OwensMP, the local Federal member.  As of yesterday they have now started up a group that is looking for businesses in the area who can host the solar panels. For more info read our blog entry here.

Our next event is ‘From a Linear to a Circular economy’ for the Petersham-Newtown Greens and we attach a copy of the flyer for anyone who is interested in attending.

We are soon heading to Alice Springs where we are lining up our next event in August.  Our journey to Alice is completely flexible and spontaneous and we will be open to staying in communities and presenting workshops as opportunities come up. Please let us know if you know of any opportunities or Council contacts who may be interested in what we offer.  

Nil will continue to document migrant stories around Australia to widen the scope of her successful exhibition in Hornsby.  We have also just completed a documentary photography project for Parramatta Council on Food Waste. Check our photography page for a sample of what we offer.  

We have had interest from people in Hobart, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane for workshops on transition ideas so stay tuned for upcoming events. Becoming mobile will allow us to take advantage of offers like these as they come up and hope to travel to Melbourne, Tasmania and Adelaide in the summer.

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