Thursday, July 9, 2015

From a Linear to a Circular Economy: Presentation to the Newtown Greens

We were excited to be invited to speak to the Newtown Greens on a transition from a linear to a circular economy. 

The presentation was a great success. It was well attended with about 50 people turning up to hear us. Jenny Leong, Greens MP for Newtown introduced us to an audience who was very receptive to what we had to say. We split the talk into two parts, with Steven talking about a transition away from the linear or 'Take, Use, Dispose' model to a Circular Economy, that would see us transition to a zero waste model. I then gave examples of how we currently source our basic needs and how we can do things differently using the natural environment to harvest and store water, energy etc. We are so dependent on centralized systems for all our basic needs, that we become very vulnerable as a community to the impacts of climate change, peak oil or another global financial crisis.  If we collaborated locally to source our basic needs we become more resilient, build social capital and ensure that our dollars circulate locally.  Of course it is also great for the environment. 

There were so many questions that we went over by about half an hour before we finally wound up.

Two radio stations approached us for interviews. The first interview we conducted on the night with Vivien Langford for Beyond Zero Radio, a radio station in Melbourne. We then woke up early this morning to do a live interview with Colin Hesse on Radio Skid Row 88.9 FM, broadcast in the Sydney area. Very inspiring! The Newtown Greens wants us to come back and we may also be doing something in Hornsby in October. Stay tuned...

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