Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Brooklyn Community

After our author talk at Hornsby, we have been invited to Brooklyn to meet with the local community there.  They are keen for us to present ideas to the Brooklyn Community Association as Hornsby Council is currently involved in the preparation of a master plan for this village.  We are here to meet with a core group of concerned residents and to take a walk around the area to get a sense of the issues.

Brooklyn is an idyllic place, but perhaps a forgotten jewel in the crown of Hornsby Council.  It is a place with great potential given its location on the Hawkesbury River and adjacent bushland.  As Sydney develops, places like Brooklyn provide the space for people to get away from the city and enjoy the recreational sports that proximity to water and bush afford.

Brooklyn truly is a nature lovers paradise but with a number of issues that need resolving, one of which is parking.  The nearby car free Dangar Islanders catch the ferry at Brooklyn and use prime waterfront land to park their cars.  This is one of the issues that the locals here would like resolved so this land can be used more effectively for recreation but the available options are not all attractive to those that use the current parking, adjacent to the ferry.

We meet some of the locals as we walk around and end up back at the Red Fish Café for a coffee and wrap up.  The gallery is a great opportunity for local artist to showcase their work and I have been   We talk about the possibility of exhibiting in January and doing a combined author talk during the time it is here.
invited by Peter and Myff who run the space to bring my own exhibition Fate or Destiny down here.

It is a beautiful spring day and we enjoy some fish and chips before we head home, excited about the possibility of working with a local community.

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