Saturday, September 6, 2014

Author Talk at the Hornsby Library

We are excited to be doing our first author talk at the Hornsby Library.  We have invited some friends but we are really excited to see many unfamiliar faces in the audience.  The topic of Rethinking the City has resonated with many people and drawn a large crowd.  Many people have started to question the way things have always been done and are starting to ask if it might be possible to live differently.  The idea that we might build a city that is founded on the ideas of freedom, collaboration, equality, authenticity, trust and resonance with the natural environment is exciting to many.  So we ask—is it possible to rethink the city?  Please remember that when we say City we mean the habitat for humanity...

We structured the talk so we would first address where we are today and then discuss the issues around Fate or Destiny and Rethinking the City.  The crux of our talk is structured around the fact that we believe we are in a time of change.  Just as coins once resulted in a paradigm shift in the ways cities are constructed, the internet is creating another paradigm shift today. 
I start by explaining some of the ideas behind my photographic work.  While I won’t discuss the entire talk here, I will explain how we can work toward the ideal of understanding our destiny.
I think the first step to finding your destiny is to understand yourself. What is it that really makes you tick?  Listen to the voice inside you that reminds you of the dreams you had as a child--see if you can remember the talents or desires you buried because you were too afraid to dream.
The second step to realising your destiny is to have courage.  Often we are afraid to chase a dream because we think that we might hurt the people who love us.  But true love will encourage and support our dreams.  We must also realise that love and acceptance must come from within us.  If we only make choices to please other people, then we will never be happy ourselves.
The final step in searching for your destiny--is to take some action on your choices.  To start living an authentic life that has meaning for you.  To start living in the NOW rather than putting off living—till we win a million…or till we retire. 
The photos in my exhibition are divided into two parts - Fate and Destiny.  During the talk, I explaine some of the ideas behind each one. 

Steve’s talk centered around the choices make when constructing a city.  They are:
   Direction of the City - Fate or Destiny
   Scale of the City - Economy vs Democracy and Infinity vs Eternity
   Balance of the City - Love, stability, safety and certainty vs change, risk, variety and freedom
   Orientation of the City - Hierarchical (inequality) vs. Lateral/networked (equality)
   Ownership of City - Ownership vs. Access
   Connection to Land - Separation from nature vs connected to nature

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