Thursday, July 19, 2012

Letting Go In Darling Harbour

Yum cha has always been a favourite of mine so when we decided to spend Sunday at Darling Harbour I suggested we start off our explorations with a lazy lunch in China Town.

Darling Harbour-4

It is a bit daunting to choose dishes as they are carried past you with no idea what you are paying for each one.  If you are eating out at Cabramatta there usually are no surprises but one must be a little more cautious when downtown…in China Town.  We had a good meal nevertheless and signed off with my favourite….mango pancakes. 

Today my assignment for the afternoon hinged on giving up control…so starting off with the yum cha was very appropriate!  My tutor Michael had asked that we ‘shoot from the hip’!  Almost taking snap shots….without possibly even looking through the view finder….except occasionally to see what sorts of images you were getting.

Giving up control doesn’t come easy to me…but it is something I have tried to do recently…and am even beginning to enjoy not having to be responsible for everything Smile

Being spontaneous adds an extra layer of uncertainty and excitement because the unknown can often lead you down roads that are undiscovered…!  I love having an element of spontaneity when travelling but today…I let go…and let my camera do the talking…here’s what I shot..

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