Monday, May 28, 2012

Greek Easter

Easter is a moveable feast in the Christian calendar which means that depending P1010083on the calendar you base your calculations on, the date on which Easter is celebrated will vary across denominations. 

Eastern Christians follow the Orthodox calendar and this year Greek Easter fell on the weekend after the Protestant and Catholic Easter so we have a double celebration.  In the Orthodox world, every other religious celebration including Christmas is secondary to Easter.  For Greeks an Easter feast involves the traditional lamb on a spit with many accompanying dishes including fresh seafood and salad. We’ve all come to celebrate at Steve’s parents house and as we enter we exchange the greeting Christos Anesti meaning Christ has risen to which the response is Alithos Anesti meaning truly He has risen.  

For most Christians Easter celebrations involve eggs and an Easter bunny and the Greeks are no different.  When it is time for lunch we gather around the table and the family chant a hymn before each person grabs a brightly coloured egg and engages in a game of trying to smash the egg of the person next to them while trying to keep their own intact.  It is a joyous day full of lively chatter and good food.  We leave late in the afternoon laden with more biscuits and Easter eggs that we will share with our friends in the week to come!

Greek Easter 2012

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