Monday, May 28, 2012

Caravan and Camping Show

One of the best things about Easter in Sydney is that the Caravan and Camping show is on in Roseville!  I have been to this show many times and was excited in that this time I could share the experience with Steve and introduce him to the many options for our future together.

  Caravan & Camping Show April 2012 (1)

The show has many displays that ignites in me a sense of excitement…and the options available for getting away from it all…from a basic tent to a home on wheels.  It’s lunch time when we arrive, so after indulging in a show favourite – a spicy Kransky – we get down to business.

We are after a tent as my old two person tent is ready to be replaced with something a bit fancier.  The best thing about the show is that you have al the options in one place and we settle for a 4 person Oztrail Blitz 240 that we get for a bargain price just because we picked the demo model. 

Oz Trail Blitz

Our wanderings finds us inside a building housing a number of vehicles and we discover the Trakka brand!  A great selection of campervans that have evolved over 35 years to be an amazing option for an Aussie camper home.  Our favourite is the Trakkadu – still small enough to serve as a car with an all wheel drive capability that will let you wander most of the off road trails in Australia. 








We are instantly captivated and find to our delight that the Trakka showrooms are in our backyard in Mt we make a mental note to take it for a test drive soon.  It is not often you find a vehicle with all the comforts of home from a TV, fridge and sink to a double bed that still has off road capability! 

It’s been a great day out and we leave knowing that we might have just found our next home away from home…

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