Sunday, March 15, 2015

Time to be GREEN

There is no time like the present to be GREEN.

We think it is time to re-think politics in our country. As NSW gears towards another State election, I wonder how many of us are taking the time to seriously consider the issues?  Or are we just too busy that, come Election Day, we will go and tick the same old boxes?  The Greens talk of grass roots democracy and we find that appealing.  They talk about a just and caring society, protecting public education and of a plan to give NSW 100% renewable energy by 2030.  I was excited to read they want to stop coal seam gas and save our land and water, to keep solar subsidies for households, to expand our bus and train networks, to protect public health and provide housing security. More locally they propose to develop the Westside of Hornsby as a liveable community village rather than the towers that will only increase congestion.  This is why I find them appealing. 

The Greens acknowledge that we at a tipping point and if we’re going to improve our living environment, then we have to clean up not just the environment but politics in NSW.  They acknowledge that limiting climate change—and all the damage it can do by limiting our ability to grow food, wiping out species and increasing extreme weather events—is now the major challenge facing humanity.  We may not have realised it here in Sydney but 2014 was the planet’s hottest year on record.  It was also the year greenhouse gases set new records.

It’s that time again when we can have a say about our future.  What will you say?  What will you choose? Should we keep voting the way we always have or is it time to think differently?

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