Monday, December 22, 2014

North Sydney Pop Up

Fate or Destiny has been doing the rounds in Sydney.  After being at the Newcastle gallery for 6 weeks, it moved to the Pine Street Gallery in Chippendale while I was in Sri Lanka.  Now, it is time to install it at the North Sydney Pop Up, where we are collaborating with a number of other artists.  The Pop Up initiative is being taken up by a number of Councils and is a wonderful opportunity for artists to showcase their work in different parts of Sydney.

The space in North Sydney is a great location.  There are many locals who stop by to have a peek and a few office workers who stop by during their lunch break.  The three artists we are sharing this space with are Victoria Chu, a shoe maker, Jon Watkins who makes cigar box guitars and John Wright, a sculptor.  We’ve met them through our friends Myff and Peter who live in Brooklyn.  Peter is also an artists and his work has also hung in the Pop Up.  I am
the guest artist for December, so I am given lots of space and a couple of the images are also on show in the window.

On Thursday, the 4th of December we have an opening.  The event has been advertised through North Sydney Council and quite a few people turn up.  The atmosphere is great.  There’s lots of wine and beer to help the evening along and a DJ livens up the mood outside with a great selection of music.

This must be my lucky night as a passer by walks in and decides to purchase my lead image - Fate or Destiny.  It is an striking piece and many people have often remarked on the colours and the composition.

During our time here we get to John, Vic and Jon.  John’s sculpture David sits outside and people stop to admire it and pin a Christmas message on it.  It is a great piece that draws people into the shop.  My photographs in the window are also a good attraction.  Vic holds workshops for various people who are keen to learn how to make their own sandals.  The class is popular and brings another set of visitors into the shop on Saturdays.  Jon’s guitars are colourful and each has its own design and many people are curious about how they were made and if they can be played...yes they can!

Our time at the Pop Up goes quickly and soon it is time to shut up shop for Christmas but for Fate or Destiny, the journey is only beginning.  

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