Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Strictly Ballroom

We are at the Lyric Theatre to see Strictly Ballroom.  We haven’t been to a show since we’ve come back from Europe so it’s exciting to be having a night out in town.  Sydney was chosen for the premier of the stage musical which is fitting because this is a quintessential Australian story with a theme that would appeal to a
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global audience at a time when many people are questioning the way things have always been done.  Baz Lurmann has said that of all his shows, this is the most personal as it drew inspiration from his own days in competitive ballroom dancing.  The show was originally created at NIDA and went on to become a box office hit at the movies.  Now it has come back as a live show to the place where it was born.

The story is about a boy named Scott who has been born into a dance federation legacy and the expectation of his parents and others that he will one day win the Pac Pacific championships.  However, Scott is a rebel and knows deep down that he wants to dance his own steps rather than those demanded by the federation.

While this might be an iconic Australian story, it has universal appeal in the themes it explores.  The theme of creating your own steps, rather than dancing to someone else’s, appeals to both my partner Steven and me.  It inspires us to break the rules and follow our own dreams rather than dancing to steps that perhaps have out grown their time.  It also highlights the fact that while the rules may seem to make sense in the world of ballroom dancing, when they are danced in another setting, another culture they make no sense at all.  It is the Latin American influence of his new partner and their family who teach him to break free completely and create a dance that truly communicates his passion and love for dance.  This reinforces for us the need to step back and take a look at what we believe to be the truth through other people’s lenses so we can create something unique and meaningful.  

Are you writing your own script?  Are you dancing to your own rhythm?

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