Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sydney Suburbs

It’s a rainy day and the light is not great but I’m keen to do a bit of shooting around Sydney.  We start our shoot at Sydney Uni.  I’ve lived here for more than 15 years now but I’ve never really been here.  It holds a lot of memories for Steve because he graduated from here.  It is a wonderful university and there is a lot of ambience and character in the buildings.  

Photographing buildings is not my forte but I do like to challenged myself with projects that are a little outside my comfort zone.  There appears to be a lot of visitors walking around with cameras.  Perhaps this is a tourist attraction?

We make our way to Newtown, another great suburb with interesting buildings.  What’s brought us here though is the Martin Luther King mural.  It dominates the space and there is a lot of interesting activity happening in the square.  We chat to the guy selling CD’s and he allows me to take some photos.  It makes a great photograph to have him in the foreground with his CD’s and his guitar…pursuing his dream at the foot of this amazing mural. 

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