Sunday, March 10, 2013

Griffith University

We are driving up to Griffith University to spend 10 days in Queensland.  Steve needs to spend a week at the Uni working on his ethics approval as well as his Phd Confirmation.  We spend a night at Tamworth and enjoy a great steak for dinner.  The next morning we leave early and continue on the scenic route stopping for lunch at Glenn Innes to enjoy a taste of the Celtic countryside. 

2013 03 10 Griffith University

We arrive late on Sunday and check into student digs. It is an apartment with about 5 rooms but fortunately, there is only one other grad student.  I spend the week working at one of the open air internet hot spots while Steve works on his Phd.  I meet his supervisor Paul and we have a few chats with Bill Metcalf, a world authority on eco-villages.  He gave us a lot of leads in terms of people and places to visit as well and what we should look out for on our research trip to Europe.  It was really interesting to chat with Bill and to be exposed to the world of intentional communities.  By the end of the week Steve Bill Metcalf has offered to be his third supervisor.  

It was a fun week at Griffith.  I enjoy getting a taste of uni life once again and meeting the people in Steve’s world.  Mid week we have lunch with Christof, a German Phd student who shares his experiences in Japan and gives us more leads on eco-villages in this part of the world.  The week comes to an end and we leave for Crystal Waters, one of Australia’ first eco-villages in this part of the world.  We have planned to spend the weekend here to get a first hand experience of life here

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