Monday, February 6, 2012

Celebration of Photography

When I heard the Australian Centre for Photography were organising five days of events to celebrate photography we had to sign up at least for a day.  We chose to enrol for a lecture on the history of Portraiture by Kelly Ann Denton. 


Kelly-Ann focuses on the history of portraiture as a genre, and took us on a journey from its inception - mechanical portraits of people posing rather stiffly, to what it has become today, a far more artistic depiction of the human form.  We learn about the key players in the early days such as Daguerre who in 1838 was credited with having taken the first portrait, to the portrait photographers of today such as Spencer Tunic who convinced 5,000 people to disrobe at the Opera House just so he could take a photograph!

The lecture is quite informal and interactive and we are encouraged to ask questions. It is very stimulating to sit in an audience of artistic people, who each have their own take on the photographs we are looking at.  I realise that more than any other genre, portrait photography is all about establishing a connection between the artist and his/her subject and realise that is why I enjoy it so much.  I am not sure when portrait photographers started to capture the soul of their subjects but I know it is what I strive to do.

We have a short break in between lectures in which I have scheduled an interview with a tutor.  He gives me great feedback on my work and encourages me to pursue it.  We dash out for a bite to eat before settling in for the next lecture by Garth Knight.  An emerging artist who was once an engineer, he gives us an insight into his artistic journey and shares images of how he has grown and developed in his work.  We are amazed at what he can do with a piece of rope and a willing subject…

I am excited about the possibilities that may lie in my own artistic journey and decide I want to enrol for a course in Camera Craft.  I have a lot on my plate this year..but it feels important to find time for my own Creative Journey…


“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph”.  Matt Hardy

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